Reagan Fascell Democracy
Reagan Fascell Democracy

Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship 2024-25

Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship 2024-25

You can continue the studies you have been pursuing in America. The USA. The good news is that the Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship is open for applications. In this post, we’ll offer details on this award, and its perks as well as a summary of the coverage along with the Eligibility Criteria Step-by-step process for applying.

Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship 2024-2025 is an award that is fully funded to international students. The scholarship is only available to students pursuing Postdoctoral research. Fellowships are designed to pay for an unfurnished, short-term apartment, in addition to costs of daily living, meals, local transportation, and other essentials.

This program is an International exchange program that offers journalists, activists for democracy civil society leaders, and scholars from all over the globe the chance to stay for five months at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Washington, D.C. to undertake independent studies on the state of the state of democracy in specific countries or region.

The Summary Reagan Fascell Democracy

  • Degree of Study: Postdoctoral / Non-degree
  • Institution(s): National Endowment for Democracy
  • Studie in: USA
  • Chance Concentration Area(s):Democratic Studies
  • Program Time:5 months
  • Deadline Date: November 6, 2023 (The deadline for applications is November 6, 2023. The deadline for letters of recommendation is November 13, 2023.

Coverage Reagan Fascell Democracy

Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship provides recipients with the following advantages:

    • Fellowships are determined to pay for the costs of a furnished, short-term rental property, as well as the “cost of living” to pay for meals, local transportation, and other essentials.
    • Every fellow is paid an annual stipend to cover expenses for living, as well as basic health insurance, as well as round-trip travel between and to Washington, D.C., between the start and the end of the fellowship.
    • Fellows are given an office fully furnished and an allowance for international phone calls and travel for professional purposes throughout America. United States.
    • Please be aware that any fellows who plan to bring relatives members along in Washington, D.C., will be required to pay the cost of their dependents’ round-trip airfare and remain within the United States.

Reagan Fascell Democracy Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for the Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship the applicants have to meet these requirements:

  • The language that is required: Demonstrate proficiency in the English language.
  • Countries eligible: All world countries.
  • Create a proposal for a project that focuses on the social, political, and economic, as well as legal or cultural aspects of democratic development.
  • Be prepared for work in living quarters for the International Forum for Democratic Studies in Washington, D.C. for the duration of the 5-month fellowship period (October 1-February 28, or January 1-July 31,). No other fellowships or employment may be scheduled during this time.
  • Candidates for the practitioner track should:
    • Experienced in supporting the rule of law or human rights in their countries of birth or in their area of interest.
    • Professionals in mid-career.
  • The applicants for the track for scholarly work should:
    • Have the doctorate (a Ph.D., or equivalent academic degree) during the period of applying.
    • Are able to prove their credentials with publications in their area of expertise.
    • Have created a comprehensive outline of their research for their fellowship.
  • Prior to the applicants their arrival in their arrival in the United States, fellows who are not permanent citizens of United States must United States must obtain a J-1 exchange visitor visa in order to travel to the United States. The family members of the applicant must also obtain the J-2 visa.
  • Fellowship applicants must not have been in a J-1 Research Scholar program during the preceding 24 months. their award.
  • Fellowship recipients who are sponsored by us on the J-1 visa are generally legally required by U.S. law to return to their country of origin for a period of 2 years after the end of their fellowship prior to when they may apply for an H visa, or an L visa, or to apply for legal permanent residency.

How to Step by Step Apply for the Reagan Fascell Democracy 2024?

Please follow the steps below to apply for the Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship:

  1. In order to be eligible for the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship you must first sign up for an account on the online portal . After you have created your account with us, you can begin the process for applying will require you to submit:
    • Applicant information.
    • A proposal for a practitioner or research fellowship track.
    • Notes of Recommendation.
    • Biography and Resume/CV.
  2. All application materials must be submitted in English.



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